Saturday, January 23, 2010


Ah! I missed my blog deadline because I was too busy having a Dance Off by myself. I won. :) I LOVE DANCING.

Earlier I went to the Vietnamese Student Association Extravaganza. It was a variety show, cultural show, date auction, banquet, of sorts. :)

I just got very inspired to do some things. I definitely want to learn to speak Vietnamese fluently. If there's ever a step team on campus, I want to join! I think steppin' is pretty easy to learn, but you can make the moves look natural and put your conviction in it. I know I'd be pretty good at it. And I want to learn how to krump or do some hip hop or pop choreography. (!!!) When I used to watch So You Think You Can Dance, I always got very inspired by the contemporary style of dance. Ballroom and latin dances, are interesting but if I had to choose, I am much more interested in contemporary or hip hop dancing.

I loved watching the different organizations perform. It really really made me want to go up there on stage and to be honest, show them how it's done. :P

In terms of learning Vietnamese - I'll download Rosetta Stone and learn at my own pace and practice with my family. I actually am much more adventurous with my speaking then I ever was before. I used to be very diffident and unconfident when it came to speaking Vietnamese. I would only use phrases I was sure of, and in the context I knew. Now, if I feel that the phrase is right, I say it. And if I don't overthink what the word is, and just feel it, and say it like I know it, it surprises me how accurate I usually am.

Hip Hop/Krumping - maybe this can help my fitness goals at the same time. :) I shall ask around, find out if there's anything on campus like a hip hop group.

Thanks VSA for reminding me of the things I always wanted to do.

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