Monday, February 1, 2010


It was 9:48 this morning. I was making the shortest and fastest strides I could, with my shoes untied. A hard feat to do. It was bitter cold with a slight wind too. Rain was dripping down from above and I just told myself, these are the circumstances, I must make it to school on time at 10!

I walk past a red car, and I hear the doors unlock. It takes a huge amount of faith for me to do that if I'm walking towards my car and some stranger I don't even know is right nearby.

I think nothing of it.

20 seconds later, I hear the hum of a car engine creeping behind me. I barely notice it because I'm focused on the outcome. There is no cold. No wind. No rain. No discomfort with my shoes. No numbness in my fingers. No panic. There's just one step at a time and the vision in my head of making that corner turn into the EMBA classroom.

A man lowers his window and holds out an umbrella, and asks, "Do you need this?"

I gasp out of surprise. I'm humbled. I stop, and I take it. I say, 'thank you, thank you, thank you so much.'

He drives off. What a kind person. It's a beautiful day. (I made it to class on time.)

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