Sunday, January 3, 2010

P90X - P1X.

Another one of my commitments is to my health. A long neglected and ignored facet in my life. Part of this implementation is starting the P90X regimen. I also intend on taking a Group Ex class at the University of Houston Rec Center. I think Yoga ought to do the trick. :)

All you can feel is your heart pounding in your chest. My hamstrings burning. I grit my teeth and my body persists. 45 minutes of more squats, jumping, and other plyometrics. Oh my lord.

Day 1 is over. I feel so blessed and accomplished. I knew I needed support. I corralled my brother to be my motivator, and he didn't even know it. "Come on, this is P90X, I haven't done this in over 4 months. We have to do this! It'll be one day less, and we'll just have 89 more to go!" I kept talking to him in the maniacal way that I do when I get really excited.

It worked.

An hour later, we were outside in the garage, thankful for the frigid air that would be COOLING us later.

Each bit of sweat, each burning sensation in my glutes, or whatever muscles I never usually notice, I can attribute to my will-power and my brother's, as we trudged on, cursed at Tony Horton, and did the damn thing.

I'm so PROUD OF THIS. We broke the seal.

I purposely started out with Plyometrics. The mother of all P90X work outs. Why? I knew everything would be cake comparatively. The worst is over. I just have to re-do what I've done. That is something my mind can wrap around 89 more times!!! IT WILL HAVE TO.

Day 3, out. :)


  1. Awesome. Did you buy the program or are you just looking up the exercises online?

  2. I havent even heard about P90X how lazy I have become haha. You need to motivate me to be healthy :P