Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Quick Post.

I'm learning so much about myself in this process of preparing for the Hunger Banquet.

This post will have to be really quick because I have so much to do!

I just know that when I put on the dress that I bought today -- I felt like my inner confidence was in the form of a dress. I absolutely knew. This was the dress that was going to be in the limelight with me on Friday.

I bought some awesome flats since I will be walking about, to-and-fro for more than 6 hours.


Let's focus on the outcome guys: This will put UNICEF at UH on the map, this will be a night to remember!, once I reach the point, the banquet will fit like a glove and I'll be completely comfortable seeing so many familiar faces supporting me.

I will deliver. And I crave that possibility to do that. I live for that moment. It makes me want to wear the lapel mic instead of stand in front of a podium, because to be quite honest, a podium is just so constricting.

I see my speech turning out in 100 different ways, but all of them are great. Anything with heart embedded sounds just right.

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