Tuesday, January 26, 2010


In life, things happen to you. This 10% is out of your hands. There's nothing you can do about these circumstances.

What is important about circumstances is your reaction to them. Reframing things in a way that fuels your inner strength, instead of draining it. I claim to be powerful from the inside, and as such, every roadblock I'm encountering, every obstacle thrown in front of me, I use as a chance to show my strength. This week has been a really good test of that. I appreciate the beautiful gift of problems. It makes my skin thicker, it makes my heart open and appreciative for the people that help me along the way, and it makes me see the world for what it is -- chock full of possibilities if you just stop saying you can't and take the blinders off and see what you're really made of. SHOW THEM YOUR TEETH.

The 90% that's in your hands is your reaction. It's your attitude. I fully understand the quote, "There's no use crying over spilt milk" now. Crying over spilt milk, or dwelling on the problems, translates to: Do you spread this anger, do you prevent yourself from seeing solutions in front of your face, do you create obstacles for other people, do you make others become what you are, this individual that is cynical, pessimistic, upset, and angry? I vehemently say NO time and time again.

What I need to understand is why people choose to believe life is out of their control? Why do people choose to say I can't, when life is much more beautiful and abundant when you trust in yourself and your abilities and say, not only, I can, but I WILL. Those are true words of power.

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