Friday, February 5, 2010


The drive back home to Houston was very therapeutic for me. 2 and a half hours of the open road. I will pencil in a road trip in the near future. Perhaps Spring Break if nothing like a Cruise pans out. :)

I discovered an album I hadn't listened to, in my car. The album featured acoustic music with poignant lyrics.

At the time when I received it, I was in a trance/house/techno phase so when my ex made this acoustic CD for me, I put it on rotation and became listless at the pace of it. I wanted something fast. I wanted something to dance to. Acoustic guitar and soothing vocals didn't do it for me at the time. I can't believe I was so blind. Or deaf rather... :)

The album IS BRILLIANT. The beauty of it is, it was always there. I love rediscovering things that are already in my life. Whether it's an old friend, books you've acquired but haven't gotten around to reading, or in my case, an album.

I love the endlessness of an open road. Your mind goes into a reverie while driving. The roads that bridge major cities are straight and calm and the traffic is tame. There are no entrance ramps, exits, the distraction of commercial establishments flanking the highways, or the usual rush that exists on the interstates and freeways. The amount of numerous distractions filters down to a few. It is just your mind and the road in front of you. Occasionally you are confronted by a Speed Limit sign where you must consciously change your speed or a slow driver that puts your awareness on decelerating or changing lanes, but that is about it. For the multi-tasking super humans we are, the sound of your mental stream of consciousness can be an alarming change of pace.

But I'm used to it. I embrace every past moment, present moment, and future dreams with an appreciation. I love the sound of my soul. Life is great, and everyone should have ownership to every minute they have alive. :)

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