Thursday, February 4, 2010

Star Trek.

It is a fantastic movie that I just finished watching.

The line that captivated me the most was along the lines of, "You have to sometimes suspend logic, and go with what you feel."

I identify most with Spock because of his analytical nature. Like him, I've learned to use my emotions in conjunction with logic. My heart does have a place at the table.

If you took away the sci-fi scenario and the explosions, Spock's journey felt akin to mine.

Zachary Quinto did a fantastic job portraying such duality: someone one dimensional as well as someone who morphed into such depth.

The scene where Kirk pushes his buttons (masterfully I might add), causing him to nearly asphyxiate him and thus, resign as captain for having an emotionally compromising position, I felt was the moment he began to live. The moment that seemed to be his greatest downfall, when he relinquished his title, showing his emotion, could be cast as embarrassing and weak, but is actually his defining moment.

It is then that he begins to blossom -- learning to channel all of his pent-up emotion and anger into a positive, productive outcome. He learns the important lesson of co-existing with all of himself. This includes his very human side of emotions.

Your destiny is being constantly rewritten. Every day you learn something, you can rewrite your fate in the favor of your dreams or against them. Tomorrow is a new day, let it be a day of rewriting. My past doesn't determine my fate.

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