Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lovely Bones.

This was a fantastic movie, and there were just so many beautiful moments in it.

One of these beautiful moments caused me to have an appreciation of the relationships I've had.

The protagonist, Suzy, died when she was 14. Never been kissed, just beginning to learn how to react to a crush, and discovering what it means to have a hobby like photography.

She was a pure, innocent character. I loved her character. She was able to grow and develop even after life, as we got to see her journey to heaven. I did not hate the antagonist for killing her, as one would normally feel. I actually didn't think it was fair to omit his side of the story. The side that would make me understand him as a fluid human being.

Back to my point, she died before she could develop and articulate her feelings for a boy that had feelings for her. What if I never had those experiences? What if my life ended at 14? These thoughts were unfathomable to me prior to viewing my life through her reality.

I don't know if I could wrap my head around the phrase 'carpe diem' at such a young age without a startling impetus like a near death experience. I'm glad the maturity I've acquired doesn't need me to have one of those presently in order to work harder, play harder, love harder, and to just enjoy MORE while I'm here.

But in terms of romance, I will keep the moments in the movie in my mind. I will trust my heart.

And now, I wait for Tuesday to hear what it says.

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