Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Something just completely made my day (besides tasting the delectable taste of salmon on a small bed of rice dipped in soy sauce with tinges of spicy wasabi, MMM, that was really GOOD).

I had a really great UNICEF meeting today! But the capstone was receiving a compliment from one of my members who has been with us for about a year now. He complimented my enthusiasm and energy and said he really liked it.


This is coming from someone that always has criticism for me! I must note, in and of itself, criticism is not bad! If it is honest and it's not meant to malign but to improve, then it's welcome. I will always listen. In the past, it was not always that way. It was something I ignored, to be honest. The way I handled it was not, or by buying the notions society sold me: judging myself by my yesterdays. Well I am here to shout that I am not the sum of my past. I grow each and every day, and when I don't like the outcome, I change my approach. It's NEVER over. Each situation that presents itself as a challenge is an opportunity to show your grit. That's what the great admissions essays are made of, for good reason. It's sincerely hard to fake this stuff.

But back to my previous point, my friend voluntarily noted that sentiment to me. No other qualifiers. No clauses trying to critique me. He just praised me, simply. I am thankful for his words. It means that he sees a big difference, and he likes it. Some others say I'm on crack. I take it as a complete compliment. :) Another said PCP. :) Another compliment. HAHA! My average, is their extreme. It's all about your reference point, and if you had been through what I have been through, you will know what I'm talking about.

I feel like comments such as those are the moments where I measure my success. Making it on the Daily Cougar and UH El Gato is amazing too! But the personal comments that I get about my delivery, or how they remember the things I said -- to me that's the most powerful thing in the world.

There was another thing that happened earlier that made me very happy. One of my friends, who is very similar to the person I just mentioned, gave me a form in class. It was a UNICEF membership form! I remember encouraging her and she mentioned she would probably join BAP or BA again. I persisted, but relented, knowing that it has to take something from inside to take the step to help others, to help children.

I'm so pleased.

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