Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Drunk on Life.

I just spent some time with my Discover Leadership pals, and it feels good to relive some of the great moments I've had recently.

It was one of my gals' birthdays. The big 22. I'm so glad that we got to reconnect.

I had such an amazing time, bringing my own energy to the table.

Now I'm listening to Radiohead's Reckoner and I'm in heaven. Life literally could not be any better. I can smell my favorite perfume as my hands dart across the keyboard to type this. I'm in my comfortable bed. I don't mind that I have class at 10AM and I haven't done my homework yet. I will make time for play as well as getting to my education. I want to have the best of all the worlds I'm involved in. I'm committed to being a great friend to others, a great daughter, great sister, a great student, and a great UNICEF President. I wear all of these hats by CHOICE, not by drudgery. I have the biggest smile also because we had champagne earlier and it was a fantastic buzz. OH champagne is so tasty. Not only that, but because I was just acting like myself. I said what I felt, and I've gotten to learn that whatever I have to say, as long as I say it with the conviction and heart I have will be well-received as long as I believe it.

Is it so crazy to believe that you create your destiny? You create the reality you live in? That you were meant to be happy? That if you are inundated with problems, you are also equipped to create solutions?

My friend and I had a long chat in the car. We are just so focused on having the time of our lives, being successful, being open-minded, and documenting our growth.

Life is just too short to live any other way. I stand by that! So tomorrow, I am excited for my UNICEF meeting. It's going to be great. I've been waiting all year for Girls' Education month!!!

The title of my post derived from the fact that when I hugged the birthday girl, I noted the soft silkiness of her skin. I remarked, "oh my gosh, Marina, your skin is so silky. Everyone, you should check it out!"

Everyone remarked, "Someone is drunk from champagne." :P

I replied, "I am ONLY drunk on life!"

To which they said, "Hear hear!" :)

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