Monday, February 8, 2010

I Believed, and I Achieved.

I woke up.


Class starts at 10AM.

This is a class that DOES NOT allow absences or tardiness.

I go through my options. Miss class and send an email to signify some sort of unavoidable issue. I would miss all we learned and important information about the Case Report due on Wednesday. Or I could show up late and be reprimanded severely.

I hedge my bets, move forward, and decide that I cannot simply WALK to school. Being 5 minutes late is one thing, but being 25 is another.

I decide to throw on some clothes like a demon, and I'm out of the door. I get in my car, speed off like a madman, however, proceeding with caution. I realize now is not the time to hit a pedestrian to make it to a supply chain class on time.

I believe with all my might that I will find a space in the metered parking right by Bauer.


I park. I get out and I put as many coins in as I have. I have about 30 minutes of metered time. It's not enough, but I just have to believe that I won't get a ticket and move on.

I run to class. I walk in, and nothing is going on.

I sit in my seat.

My seat neighbor asks if I ran to school? I, out of breath, not wanting to explain the hardships, simply nod yes.

Class commences. I am happy to be here. Albeit I was 2 minutes late; I did not get reprimanded!

Class finishes. I walk outside. My car is there.


I believe, and I see.


  1. Do you not normally drive. I guess not, since you live quite close. You need to get a bike. :o)

    I do read these almost every day..but don't know if i should comment. I dont care now, so i shall say what i wanna.

  2. lol. I do not drive normally. I walk everywhere if I can!