Sunday, February 7, 2010

So College.

So in Austin, of course I had a blast! I focused on the outcome even before arriving and made sure, I would have a good time with my best friends.

It's all about doing things, not because society ordains that 'x, y, and z' equal FUN but rather, the company you're with and the energy and attitude you have.

I think it was a very quintessential college weekend in that sense. :) One of the key phrases uttered this weekend was, "This is so college!" because for the most part, all 3 of us have had very non-traditional college experiences. We have common threads, such as the need to prioritize our time for our studies and work and organizations.

We all set aside time for each other and cleared our agendas. We already know that we have things going on the side, but in order to live presently, we (hopefully) budgeted our time wisely by doing some of our assignments before the weekend OR will plan all-nighters accordingly. :D

We spent a lot of time in the car, listening to the radio, telling stories, watching movies, LAUGHING, and just relaxing. I felt safe with them. Like I had no where else to be, no where else to go, and no where else I'd rather be.

There was a rhythm the whole weekend and I believe ours were in sync.

Now that I'm in Houston, I don't feel torn apart. They are a part of my life as is school, UNICEF, and my family.

I actually missed Houston and the city scape. Most of my priorities lie here in Houston. I am home. But it certainly was So College to take a short trip away from home to visit some people I love.

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