Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine's Day.

I'm just thinking back over the 20 years I've been alive.

I never really cared for Valentine's Day, especially in middle school or high school. There was a ritual where you could pre-order flowers and it would be delivered during 2nd period. My girl friends would buy each other flowers so that everyone would be LOVED. The school even gave a flower to everyone. That was lovely.

I don't think I ever had the quintessential Valentine, and before, this mattered to me, but now, it really doesn't. :) I am so strong-minded that nothing can bring me down, especially a day of the year, dedicated to love. I think SO differently about Valentine's Day.

Being single is a wonderful thing, as is being a relationship. You should celebrate your situation no matter what it is. Love it for what it is because it is YOUR situation. Love your face, love your self, and everything you are because you own it. No one wears it better than you and once you begin to understand that -- love just begins to swarm around you. Everything takes care of itself. Love yourself so everyone else may.

Today, a friend of mine was sick and couldn't meet with me. He said he'd make it up to me with a little Valentine's present.

My heart melted. :D Such a sweet sentiment. Hate Hallmark all you want, but I believe that if it has forced millions to admit their feelings for someone else or to cause others to give (whether it be chocolates, hugs, or a simple greeting that uplifts someone) then it is all worth it. Valentine's Day is another day to LOVE. We need more days allocated for love. There can never be enough!

I can't wait til Friday!

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  1. i do think vday is overrated. but when one IS in a relationship and everyone around you is getting something, it's a sinking feeling. STatus Quo says you should get 'something'. I remember flipping out on Nick once about it. But that's cool that your amigo shall make up for not meeting you.

    I shall spend my sunday with EThan's family as his brother is coming back from Iraq.