Thursday, February 18, 2010


Three of my UNICEF'ians and I went to Illusion Lounge in support of UNICEF on Sunday. It was the birthday celebration of a UNICEF volunteer who has captured my heart. She is so amazing and pure. I remember before I renovated myself, I felt passion in her words and I admired her genuine persistence when she called upon me to support her in her endeavors. I am always impressed by those who surpass me in my tenacity and passion.

This brings about a good point: if you are the best in your circle, then find a new one. You are only as stagnant as you choose to be. I have to say that the people I'm currently surrounding myself has definitely been pushing me further than I have ever been. What's been the difficulty is the amount of old bridges I want to mend and squaring my most precious resources with this: my time and energy. I'm trying on different approaches to get the results I want. :) It's a fun challenge! I love the time I have with my friends.

I've learned to work harder than I ever worked before. I've also learned to enjoy my life so much more. Who would've thought? :P Nothing is impossible. The friends that have become my best friends are the ones that know how to navigate both realms the best, because we see eye to eye on our priorities. None of us take it personally if we must propel our work load to make a vision come to fruition. We both know, in due time, we will celebrate like there's no tomorrow.

I don't go without this kind of celebratory fun for long periods of time like I used to. When I can, if time permits, I outlet this in a purely fun way. I of course get my fix with the hilarity that ensues from my day to day, but I have to anchor it all in with BIG fun events every week. :) Karaoke, birthdays, girls night out, etc.

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