Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My School.

I bleed red for my school - the University of Houston.

It's an incredible turn-off when I meet someone that is apathetic about their alma mater.

Why not love everything you touch? Why not support something that you're a part of? Why not understand the implication of not caring? It doesn't just end with you - it infects the world around you. A world without pride is a world without passion.

Own your past. Take personal responsibility for the person you've become. Be proud of where you've come from. I am proud to be a Cougar. I am so proud to be going to a school that I consider to be the gem of Houston.

So if you cross my path as a fellow Cougar, and you aren't bleeding red for my school, I'll love you as a person, but wish you could open your eyes to something that has enriched you in so many ways that you really need to be grateful for the experience.

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