Saturday, April 24, 2010


The Astros beat the Pittsburgh Pirates earlier. The score was 4-3. I had no doubt we would win, despite losing the night before. I had no apprehension, and all I recall is seeing the scoreboard saying 1-0, and then I looked again after a few more innings, and it said 4-3. It remained that way for the rest of the game, and we won. :)

To celebrate our victory, they had an amazing fireworks display.

Fireworks is usually a Fourth of July or New Years event for me (and for most people as well). There's something so Patriotic about fireworks. Also there's something so Romantic about it. But more than the Patriotism and Romanticism it evokes, it's the fragility and sanctity of life that surfaces to the top. I think of the movie Titanic.

The fireworks in the film are shown in the air - a distress signal for any ships nearby. There's one scene that plays sharply in my mind. It's a birds eye view of the ship and the fireworks make a small blip in the night sky. There is no music or sound. You can feel the tangible despair and hopelessness of the signal.

The fireworks at Minute Maid park were on the opposite end of the spectrum. It was a celebration of the beautiful moments we at times take for granted. It was such a beautiful display, dozens of firework blossoms washing over me like a phantasmagoria of beautiful experiences that have happened in my life. :) I smiled.

I appreciated the fact that the fireworks in this situation were from life's positive spectrum. There are those occasions when the distress signals come flashing like the scene in Titanic. But when it's purely celebratory and full of jubilation, accept it. Please. You never know what kinds of events will pass.

:) Fireworks are so beautiful. I can't believe as we left, we had to take a poll to see if the majority wanted to stay for fireworks. Who could honestly turn down such a beautiful show? These fireworks are made by people, by the ingenuity of man. It is so inspiring! Also, someone choreographed the fireworks to fit the music it is played to! That my friends, makes fireworks one of my favorite things to spectate. :)

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