Saturday, June 5, 2010

Life is Everything.

I took this from one of my Human Resources manuals:

"Life straight ahead.

Life moves, changes, begins, challenges, questions, hurts, exhausts, inspires, connects, satisfies, rewards...

What's your life doing right now?

Life changes. Life passes. Life smiles. Life expects. Life questions. Life rewards. That's life.

Life is always changing. It's filled with challenges, opportunities, and questions that can lead you into uncharted territory. Even when you're just trying to balance family, work, and everyday life, things can get unpredictable.

No question is too big, no issue too small."

They offer this really great resource that has articles to a lot of relevant questions that may not be appropriate to ask coworkers, but is still necessary to ask. It's fantastic. There's professionals to help me with practical solutions, support, and resources - all for free. So I'm very happy that my company thought about the human side of things. That's awesome, and it makes me appreciate them even more.

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