Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Blog.

This post is self-referential, which is kind of funny. It's like a picture within a picture, or seeing a TV on your television.

The purpose of this blog is to bring my external world into this separate microcosm, the internet. It's talking about things from the mundane to the extraordinary that light up my life, or something that others would define as mundane is actually amazing with the right lens. It's talking about the struggles I've overcome or a discourse into the philosophies of a positive lifestyle and why it's bar none the best decision anyone could make.

However, I would not have imagined this blog, in and of itself, would be a noteworthy thing to praise. I always imagined its content would be the focus, but it's the synergy that is louder.

The fact it exists and I know I have not even scratched the surface of it is what inspires me even more.

When I read my older posts, I remember things I have simply forgotten. I simply do not have the emotional memory to remember every feeling I have felt, especially when there are so many great moments in my life. The kind gesture someone afforded me. The way I felt in that moment. How I overcame that obstacle. Reading these make my skin thicken. It centers me. Life is pushing me to be on Team Negative. But I shout the mantra: I am strong - I am powerful - I am a leader, and all is right again.

I am my own inspiration. I have told it to my brother, who believes he is his own inspiration too, but this is what I want the world to understand and the message I impart. You can be your own inspiration. Every day is a new day. Today will be the day you play the role of Mr. or Ms. Amazing. The world is waiting. If you fall, brush yourself off, and do it again. The points go to the person who is in the ring, not on the sidelines.

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