Friday, June 18, 2010

Washington Ave.

My good friend Alan came into town - and after INADVERTENTLY passing out and missing on my Washington Ave pub crawl with some friends at work, I went to Two Rows and caught up with my Washingtonian (is that what people from Washington are called? ^_^)

I had a WONDERFUL time, and I ended up going to Washington Avenue anyway.

We went to Pearl Bar, and there was happy times, drinking, laughing, talking, and there was some DANCING involved. The dancing made me very happy.

Afterward we went to Les Girval's Kahve, a really affordable and cheap yet stylish Vietnamese restaurant. There's a really stylish facade by the counter, that is reminiscent of the Bird's Nest in China (Olympic stadium of 2008).

I really love nights like these. Nights where I'm meeting new people, catching up with old, being safe about drinking, and letting a bit loose.

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