Sunday, July 18, 2010

Eye Appointment.

My eyes were a bit irritated from wearing my contacts for an extended period of time, and today was my eye appointment. This has been an appointment I've deferred for far too long.

Going to the doc was tough. :)

At the eye doctor's, an assistant tried to take care of the glaucoma tests. Those machines instinctively make me uncomfortable.

I talk through my strength rituals, reminding myself that it's only a machine, and the better I cooperate, the faster it will be over with.

After 25 minutes and no progress, I go ahead and have my eye appointment.

In the moment, I believe it means no glaucoma tests!

I had a great candid appointment with a new eye doctor I tried out. Dr. Nguyen at the Walmart on Dunvale. Very great guy that's so funny to talk to. He was going to Lake Charles later that day, and was so excited for the buffets coming up. :) I thought that was awesome. He talked about a difficult time in the office when someone had kept farting and a patient thought it was him by the non-verbal language, and his hilarious attempts to convince the patient otherwise. Haha! It brightened my day. I also got a few Vietnamese lessons from him. I apologized for calling him the incorrect title!

What I'm most proud of is persisting to do the glaucoma tests when the attendant asked me. I did try to finagle my way out of it (i.e. "So, what do I owe you?") but after 15 minutes more, and having my right eye finish the test on the 2nd try, and my left one a few more than that, everything was okay. I just had to hold open my eye, and calm myself that I wasn't going to be poked in the eyeball. ^_^

Good times at the Vision Center.

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