Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hair Cut.

From idea to implementation, it was about a week.

I looked on Google - searched for Houston hair salons, and I saw Marbella's salon on lower Westheimer. It was close to my house, open late on weekdays, got great reviews, and it was near the top of the list.

I filled out an online form and submitted it, and just asked for what I wanted. I wanted a Thursday appointment at 7pm.

By Wednesday of this week, I thought it wouldn't go through. Oh well, I thought in the back of my head. Back to the 'supercut' style barber shop I would go, until I could invest more time to get a legitimate hair cut.

But I got a phone call confirming a consultation and possible hair cut for Thursday at 7pm, albeit with a different hairstylist. I was fine with that.

So I ended up going straight from work in the heavy rain to make it to Marbella's right about on time. I didn't realize I had so much to do at work that day.

So I walk in, and immediately I ask, do I still have an appointment at 7pm? They asked are you Charlene? I said, yes, and the man behind the counter said, yes you do. So we walked to a chair, I put my purse down, and at first it was a bit stiff. He was asking what I didn't like about my hair, and I let him know, there are facets to my personality that I don't feel my hair conveys. He sardonically said, Ohh? :) But we quickly found a meeting point with our personalities to connect.

He was a very nice guy that was completely open to talking about anything. We talked about our dreams, our beliefs on having children (this surprised me too), who we've dated, our preferences, our views on what is FUN, etc.

The money I spent, was all worth it. The conversation, getting out of my comfort zone, getting some tips and tricks with my hair that I'll keep forever, having a real consultation and DISCUSSING what I wanted and coming to an agreement, having the professionalism and fun that a haircut requires, and more.

I'll come back for the treatment, service, and the experience.

If ever I get too comfortable, I need to change things up. That night the first thing out of his mouth was, "Did you get a haircut?... I like it." ^_^ Mission accomplished.

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