Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Museum of Natural Science.

I love after-work excursions. Also, I hadn't had one-on-one time with Beebs in a while.

Off we went to the Museum of Natural Science in separate cars, but first, we ate at Gotham Pizza.

Delicious thin crust Mediterranean pizza.

We went off to the Museum and after some chaotic parking issues, we both got there, tickets in hand, albeit it was already free, and we started looking at some exhibits.

The highlights were definitely the gem exhibit and the jewelry. Oh it's so gorgeous. Beebs immersed me into her life and what she found sexy about geology and I have to admit, it is very interesting.

These are the most beautiful works of nature, because most of the growths of crystal and these rock formations don't grow like this, into these huge sizes and intricate forms. So this museum showcases the rarity, the specialty, and it's when you think about how amazing nature really is.

The jewelry just melted my heart. I would love to wear these pieces, any piece. They are all so extravagant and so beautiful. In the pitch black room, these boxes of strategically lit cases was like sneaking off into a vault where no one was supposed to be. The 5 inch thick vault door added to the effect.

We ended the day talking about life and love in Hermann park, sitting on the benches where I took my British lover, what seemed like ages ago. :) A very good day.

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