Friday, August 27, 2010


I'm part of the 1% of the entire world that is privileged enough to have a college education!! So this fall semester I'm going to rock it. After being in school for a while, let me comment on the overall goals I hope to take away from each of my classes, and why I'm happy to be in my school courses.

*TP2 - This is it. We put the 3 together. Client, server, and database to create a small but working Transaction Processing System. It's the mother of all classes, but I know that it's also redemption for how I did in TP1. So let's do this!! I want to walk away feeling accomplished that I can do the assignments he gives us!

*Management - Everything I've learned in Industrial/Organizational Behavior and business is being put together. The topics are so interesting, to defining what Management is, to deciding Strategy, to dissecting the importance of Teams, and so on. It is highly fascinating and I feel this will be a great reference book for years to come. DeFrank is always a riot to listen to as well. :)

*Project Management - I got real-world exposure to it this summer in Chevron. I want to apply what I'm learning to our client, ALBA. I want to have an overall framework in my mind, so when I approach a project, I'm thinking about what could go wrong and hope to make a difference in achieving success for the project.

*Economics of Globalization - Alex, my lovely former treasurer, wants to work at the World Bank. Obviously he finds it sexy. I want to discover the sex appeal he sees, and my professor too (who also refers to it as sexy). These classes are great but they take a lot of investment to understand the entire picture. This class aims to show me how tariffs, trade barriers, etc work together to keep the macroeconomy of the globe functioning. These are institutions holding the world together, not just an invisible hand.

:) On top of school, there's my recruiting endeavors and passions that keep me very busy! How exciting.

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