Saturday, August 28, 2010


I enjoy the quiet moments with my family at my home in Spring.

I don't mind the drive at all. Whether I take the 2920 route, Louetta, or Rankin to get here, it feels good to come home.

For a week now, I planned to come home and have the family all go out to eat.

We spent the afternoon taking my cousins and I out to Walmart. It's the little things, the simple things, I really appreciate. It elevated my happiness so much to get necessities like gum, and more non-perishable foods to take home, and a few comfort items I've been going without for a while.

The pinnacle was definitely going out to eat as a family. It doesn't happen all too often.

After a bit of resistance and backtalk from my dad after driving to my Grandparents' house and going all the way to Bellaire to eat, I succeeded in corralling the family to come to a new Chinese restaurant to eat. It's funny, my dad may ask me, "Why were you so set on us coming all the way out here?" I laugh, but I know the answer deep inside is, "We need an excuse to go and spend time together. Otherwise, it won't happen." Whatever it takes to do it, I'll do it. My dad invited my grandfather, and it was cute to see him take out his dad and make a big fuss out of it.

I can't recall the name of the restaurant but it was a very classy looking place. There were rooms set aside for private parties that looked like a classy dining room with regal curtains and the stately colors that come with luxury like gold and red.

We ordered much of the same, but there were a few standouts like the pan fried noodles, walnut shrimp, fried rice, cai lang, and some others. I was so full by the meal's end that I walked around the strip mall with my brother. I found a place that had Asian pizzas with the most interesting toppings I'd ever seen. :) The things you discover if you just look. This day was a very good memory in my life.

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