Sunday, August 29, 2010


Vivian and I had been going to the gym (yay us!) and we met these folks doing ab ripper X while we were stretching up to leave the gym soon.

I remarked on some of the moves they were doing, and I missed the intensity of P90X. So we talked a bit, and they invited us to do plyometrics the next day. Of course I jumped on that opportunity.

The next day, I was ready. More sweat came out of me than it had for a long time. The room couldn't have felt more hot. I was motivated to keep going by the other 6 people in the room with me, grinding it out, and just doing it. I hit the wall many times, but I am most proud of getting through it. I couldn't walk for the next 2 days, but there is something so rewarding about completing Plyometrics.

My fitness goal is something I want to get right. But the difference between completing a goal and not is REALLY wanting it.

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