Sunday, August 15, 2010

Old Journals.

I have 3 journals. The other 2 I can't stand to look at now. Not only the negativity, but the way my insecurities and lack of confidence show.

There are things that stick out like a sore thumb, and it really makes me proud to see the way I've grown and the knowledge I've gained.

There's territory I haven't crossed yet, but I definitely feel like I'm well armed to take on anything based on the experience I've had.

I wrote about boy troubles, college rejections, parental drama, my college decision, and more. As I look back, there was so much more strength I had in me that I let be overshadowed by the circumstances.

Now - I'm galvanized. I'm bulletproof. I know I'm beautiful, strong, and endearing.

I have a plan. I'm not ruled by my to-do list, but I'm not an aimless wanderer. I take time to smell the roses, along the path I've been forging.

I laugh, but I'm focused. I have my eye on the prize, but it doesn't mean I'm not open to another prize. As a professional, I feel I have much to bring to the table. I never want to stop learning.

My current writings (2010) reflect this focus. My posts have a centralized theme I'm going for. They are focused. Consequently they are shorter. ;) No longer do I write just to chronicle my day. I spend my time living, and capturing the mood in words, not so much the details that detract.

Live smarter = slogan for 2010.

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