Monday, August 9, 2010

Today is a New Day.

I feel so renewed.

Like it's the first day I've been ... able to tackle old tasks. I brushed off the dust that's accrued on the old to-do list, not just a list of obligations I'm bound to, but things I DESIRE to do.

Today is amazing. I finally took action. Saw an Ebay posting of a camera I wanted to buy. Called the dad to ask for advice. Emailed him the posting. He emailed me a better camera. And then he emailed me an even better one, and said it was a gift. I can't believe it. Finally. After nearly 8 months of having no camera, I'm so excited to go explore and play. I have very awesome conceptions of the website I'll make. Time to make a portfolio for myself. Even getting into short clips of time-lapses. This world is too beautiful to stop trying to capture this beauty.

Also, today was great because I finished watching Arrested Development. A few years ago, I wrote off this show, claiming I'd never like it. Even when my best friend adored it, I still scorned it. This is just a great analogy for all the times you say you'll despise something. If you can't surprise yourself, you won't ever surprise anyone else. I really enjoyed the show. It's such a funny show. This is a reminder to myself to always try something new. And if you've tried it before, try it again.

Also, today rocked because for lunch, we had sushi!! It was the first time (outside of the 1400 cafeteria at work) with my coworkers. I love Raku sushi in midtown. This was the first time I had been there, and it blew me away. The red ropes outlining the bar area. The black stone plates with pumice texture. It's not Azuma fresh, but it's close. I had a delicious meal and I could have gone for more of course. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. The colors of the restaurant. The details. The receipt had courier font and everything on it was pertinent. It even included information about Facebook and Twitter. They had the nice dissolving mints that I love. The red chairs were wonderful. I basically loved everything about the restaurant.

I had a wonderful day at work. I was proud that I completed some of my exit surveys, and fully investigated a matter. No corner cutting, and reported out my assessment. It's a feasibility analysis that I would feel proud of if it were passed around the company. I also realized how many people I've networked with while I compiled the list of people to invite to my Going Away Breakfast. In addition to the core 15 people or so, I invited 25 more. This doesn't include the many interns that are gone/leaving or those that aren't located in Houston. I really enjoy every day here. It's a fun time.

I finished a blog that I committed to because of its concept. It was about a boy who dated one woman per day over a long period of time. I wasn't engrossed like... say a Harry Potter novel, but I did read it cover to cover. The ending? It was fiction. I was so surprised. But it did make for an interesting evening curled up in my bed after a long day of work. While my friends went ice-skating in the Galleria, I got some much needed R&R curled up next to Red, my trusted laptop, reading anything from this blog to SharePoint migration tips and the latest and greatest posts from my Facebook friends.

I don't know what everyone is talking about - Being more connected is amazing. My life is perfect. I want the world to utter the same words.

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