Saturday, September 11, 2010


This day is very personal to me.

It marks the day in my eyes where the USA had a threat manifested into tangible reality.

A reality changing the lives of every American forever.

I sat in first period as an aid to the Special Education class. Ms. Ford brought in the TV and I saw the towers fall.

I couldn't believe it. That day I heard for the first time, the word hijacker. I heard what the word meant defined, because I hadn't heard it before.

The America in my eyes could never be shaken, could never waver, and that day, I learned that anything is fallible. It's not good or bad. I haven't lost faith.

I have just learned to expand my map.

Today, I pay tribute to the many Americans who lost their life in unwavering belief in this country. I think about the fear they felt as the seconds counted down and all they wanted to do was to hug and kiss their friends and family one final goodbye. Your fear was not in vain I want to tell them.

No one's fear that morning will be in vain. The truth of the matter is, we have rebuilt the nation, and that is the best outcome we could dream for. This is what I focus on. Let us not forget.

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