Friday, September 10, 2010

HB Dad.

Today is my dad's birthday. I came home with gifts in tow. Hallmark plaque and a picture frame with a photo of dad and me. I'm very proud of accomplishing the achievement at CVS by the way. I'm so thankful of having the correct file to print from (original size and not exactly 3x3) and also when cutting my picture I'm glad it naturally was about 3x3 when I shaved away the background.

It was great to be with my dad.

When I encountered my first work crisis earlier this year, he helped me navigate that by putting up a server with Microsoft SharePoint by the end of the weekend so I could play on it and be ready to go by that Monday morning to build out a site in approximately 3 hours. I am so proud of this achievement, but I have to give an R&A to my dad for coming in the clutch and doing this for me as I went to Austin, TX to have fun for a while.

Only my dad.

My dad who cooks meals for me every week. The dad who bought me a bad ass Canon 7D. Love you dad.

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