Sunday, September 12, 2010


I'm thankful I'm able to type words. To speak. To wake up every morning.

I caught a late night segment of Joel Osteen, mentioning his belief that it is easy to get caught up in routine.

The next time you think about complaining, he said, turn it around and be grateful for what you have.

Right now I'm recruiting for a full-time job. It is certainly an exercise in patience, diligence, and persistence, and I am thankful I have the resources of my University to use to help me in these efforts. We have scheduled career fairs, on-site campus interviews, and organizational meetings where the recruiting comes to us.

I feel a bit thicker than when I first started college. Of course, I think to myself, it could be worse! :) But also, I think, this summer I met a lot of friends and fittingly, I seized the day and got acquainted with many bars and pubs around Houston and got to know them and we created priceless memories. Also, I have been making some strides, physically. Last weekend, I danced for ~5 hours straight and also, I've been making mental budgets for what I've been eating. It's the small battles that win the big ones. I'm in it for the long haul. And I'm glad I didn't get the Freshman 15. It's only been.. the College 10. :) So, I'm very grateful. My battle isn't as tough as it could have been, had I completely let go at any point.

So, the next time I start to lament in my head and create a conversation, I will begin with.. how can I turn this around?

I only need to think about the children I advocate for. It's the answer to any lamentations I can fathom.

Good night. Tomorrow is a brand new spankin' day!

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