Thursday, September 9, 2010

Career Mixer.

I knew this obstacle was coming. I felt the apprehension creep in. What I ought to have thought didn't match what I actually did think, and I knew I needed support. I called my good friend, Javier, and asked for his assistance. I didn't spill all the details, but I said, could you walk with me inside Bauer? After all, when you can't, you must.

Sounds so climactic, but really, it took me more than 25 minutes to find parking to walk inside together. :P

When we did walk inside together, due to my PayPal suspension, the laptop I was working on not working, and a litany of other reasons, I was pushed back another 10 minutes.

We finally started to talk to companies. I talked to Reynolds and Reynolds, Protiviti, Shell, Deloitte, The Rand Group, Williams, and Marathon Oil.

Bookmarked in my mind are ExxonMobil and Hitachi.

Of course I saw my ex, and I needed to regroup, but for the most part, the night was great. I got a couple of glowing compliments on my resume from Williams, Shell, Protiviti, and Deloitte. That made me a very happy gal.

Thanks to Javier, Jesus, and Fabiola for the support. I knew this was an event I couldn't miss, and the worst thing I could do was to have my ex affect my life by changing the way I live.

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