Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Entrepreneurial Idea.


With my ex, he always had ideas of having his own business and working for himself. I shared his fervor and those values within entrepreneurship but I couldn't say I had structure to making it happen.

When you think of an entrepreneur, you think of American individualism, a great seller, someone with excellent communication skills, is charismatic, intelligent and a jack of all trades. I think of myself as all of those things.

The major problem was, in my head, I didn't have any innovative ideas that could make me a huge chunk of change. Until now.

I can't reveal it all away, but for once in my life, I feel like I have something that isn't already in the market (after all the Google searching I did), and it could be something that everyone that wants to create better relationships with people and companies can do. After all, life is not about the material things, it's about the relationships. So this to me, is a lifestyle tool.

Whether or not this idea gets off the ground after more and more research doesn't matter, what means most to me in this present moment is having this excitement and belief in myself that I am destined to do great things. The moment this idea hit me, I didn't push it away and embrace skepticism. What I did instead was push the idea further and further, and when it still held up in my mind, I was excited. I was excited at the idea that I could be this person that could change the lives of so many people by making it easier to manage relationships. Not in an address book or complicated CRM but something more practical.

Today was the day that the entrepreneurial world and my life touched base and it made sense. It all makes sense. I am an entrepreneur whether I have my own business or whether I work for the corporate world because the way I think. What an epiphany.

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