Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Interview 1.

I turned on the charm.

I got a bit nervous for the Logic Exam, but as I worked through it, I figured out that I knew the answer to every question which boosted my confidence. :)

Around the walls in the interviewing room, there were Chevron posters all around. I smiled and laughed at the irony. Who knows which company I'll be working at next summer.

It was an hour and fifteen minute interview, including the whole logic test. I was asked questions about my experience with Chevron and UNICEF, and I even got to mention my work with the Honors College in recruiting.

I was asked questions about the Hunger Banquet, what I did at Chevron, the obvious opener, 'Tell me about yourself', how did I demonstrate customer service skills, what were the key takeaways from my summer internship, what did I know about the heavy construction industry, how well do I know all of the languages on my resume, how well do I know SQL server, why did I choose MIS, why did I switch my major from Psychology, was it difficult to create something new when you were an intern for only 3 months in a large company and how did you address it, how was it to manage a team of officers, what were the challenges I faced, etc. It was a good discussion!

I basically talked about everything on my resume, and he's another person that mentioned it was pretty impressive (another confidence booster!)

The company impressed me more than I ever would have thought. Of course, nothing compares to being on-site and one's website and the personnel brought to talk about a company are obviously going to slant towards the side of romanticizing the company, but still. The work environment seems so nice! Free snacks, drinks, a jogging trail, physical activities, everyone knows one another, etc. It seems great.

I should be getting a call in a few days to talk about coming on-site for yet another logic test.

This interview was a great experience even though I dreaded taking time away from studying for my exam tomorrow, and an exam the day after tomorrow.


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