Monday, September 27, 2010

Interview 2.

Second interview of the Fall also went well! I felt much more confident and I think I did a great job conveying my skills and experiences. I wove my way through my resume when asked about myself, and then she asked about a huge obstacle I faced, and I smiled and talked about one of my proudest UNICEF achievements. I interviewed with a retail company looking for an executive trainee in IT. They have a 10 week rotation program where I will spend my time in every piece of the puzzle, meaning the distribution center, a store shadowing a manager, etc, so I can best understand the company. The salary was a bit under what I'm expecting, I must admit. I asked what projects I would be signing on to if I am eventually hired. She mentioned an E-commerce project and a POS project. I let her know of my exposure to both, which I think is something she'll highly remember. She also asked about my plans after graduation, and if I intend to work in a non-profit. I said, no, it may be something I'll come back to, but for now, I want to work in industry where I can focus and learn better by having a limited scope. It's far too common to wear a dozen hats and to be spread thin. I definitely will contribute financially to the social causes I believe in, knowing how much of an impact it has. She was very personable and I had a great time talking to my HR interviewer. I left the room at 10:39am.

Some other additional happy moments today were definitely:
*Giving my team mate an appreciation gift of Ferrero Rocher chocolates.
*Getting some Facebook love from people I just met. That birthday party paid a lot of dividends in brightening my week.
*Getting a breakfast taco invite from my buddy Jayvin. We went to Tacos a Go-Go after a long day of school, and I got to take photos inside (satiated my photo taking fix) and the bacon/egg/potato taco really hit the spot. WOW!
*Supportive texts from my friends Alan, Jeremy, and Catherine. They are like my cheerleaders.
*Excitement about food with my new friend Adam.
*Catching the first episode of the new season of Dexter!
*Hilarious text exchange with my best friend, Kyle, about the Mil lab. :)

Good day. I intend to follow on my promises to do TP2 practicing! Hopefully Dreamweaver will make my life easier! ^_^

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