Tuesday, September 28, 2010


On a whim, I was trying to find a particular book that was recommended to me. I looked it up in the UH Library system and I couldn't find it. So, I impulsively tried to look it up on the Houston Public Library. Eureka. There was one I could put on hold, and it would notify me when it came into the 500 McKinney location! A day and a half later, I got an email notifying me! I couldn't wait to go pick it up.

Today was the day! I walked in the nice facility. It was state of the art. So I asked for help, found my book on hold, and then with the use of the machines, I scanned it and was done! The whole process was efficient and seamless. I've read reviews and apparently our library system is one to really pride ourselves on. :D It makes me really proud of Houston.

I can't wait to read a lot of books. I basically finished the book I was reading. It was about female sexuality which I find to be a fascinating topic. The book was called Sexual Fluidity: Understanding Women's Love and Desire. Firstly, there is significantly more research on men's sexuality, so I wanted to find a book based in research about the findings on female sexuality. I remember reading a synopsis, and I had to get my hands on it. Essentially I was reeled in by the thought that females described a phenomenon of being attracted to the person, and not the gender. The author calls it sexual fluidity, and it has many anecdotes about women that have been heterosexual their whole lives and fall for a woman, or vice versa, or a strange blend of the two. I also read about a case where it brought into question one's gender identity and consequently her gender was changed to match the inner feelings. It opened up a whole pandora's box of questions for me, and it allowed me to question the assumptions I've made about attraction. So this book is a great foundation for some wonderful discussions.

Here are some other highlights of Tuesday!

*The weather was certainly beautiful I have to note.
*Talked with my step mom about visiting her and my dad. It was great to hear the happiness in her voice when she talked to me. I'm very grateful to have 4 parents. Also, I appreciated the food they packed for me on Saturday. Very sweet. :)
*I got to watch TV for a few minutes with my brother.
*I talked on the phone with my best friend for 30 minutes and made lots of fun jokes. I get to see him in 2 weeks! Hooray!
*I finished my 5 page essay. It's actually 7 pages. :D I'm so proud of myself.

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