Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Interview 3.

The third interview of the Fall semester is done. :)

It was with ExxonMobil. The largest publicly traded oil company in the world.

As I met with my Project Management team today, I couldn't help but have that in the back of my mind the entire time. I completed our Gantt chart with our full work breakdown structure and it was as beautiful as it was going to look with so many sub-points.

I left midway through 12 and had a quick lunch, straightened my hair, and did my makeup. The clothes are important but the face is too. :)

I read up more about the company on its website, and the About Us tab showed me everything I needed to know. The only downside of an interview is, the information is presented both ways in a rosy lens that does not optimally showcase the truth. If you're looking for great answers, you get them with a friend or an acquaintance, in a casual place like a restaurant or a bar. It's fun, it's laid back, and it's honest.

But I understood I was in the University Career Services area. ^_^ I was asked a large amount of behavioral questions. All of it was, and none of them asked about my failures. I was asked a lot about team work, my favorite class, my least favorite class, when I had to take initiative in a team, my proudest accomplishment in college, when I realized something was wrong in a project and what I did, my greatest strength (tough question), what my responsibilities in Chevron were, what my role in MISSO as Communications Officer was, what I liked most at Chevron, what I liked least there, and some more. I then asked questions about the way IT was structured at XOM and closed off the interview. It was good! :) I definitely felt infinitely more confident about how this interview went compared to last year's controversial one. I felt very at ease with my interviewer as well.

Very accomplished day.

*Did the Gantt chart for the team!
*Apologized to my classmate for missing a one-on-one appointment to help him out; in my haste to leave TP2 on Monday, we didn't exchange contact info so I couldn't notify him about the cancellation.
*I'm in love with the Social Network soundtrack collaboration between Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. It is so ominous and brooding. Wonderful ambient music.
*Revised my MANA essay. This is how essay writing is supposed to be in college! Time to revise!
*Got to catch up with Nicole. :) We talked about life and I sincerely hope she can handle all of that stress in her life. I learned last year that stress can control you. It's not becoming, and you feel one step away from jumping in a pool and screaming underwater. But if you balance it out with things that keep you happy and whole without feeling guilty, that's the key.
*Paid attention in my TP2 class! :D
*Appreciated the beauty of the scenery as I walked to school.
*Enjoyed a chocolate bar that I bought at Shasta's.

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