Thursday, October 21, 2010


Today was full of surprises.

What stands out at the forefront? Well, I really enjoyed the last Client Meeting I had with ALBA and the A-Team. There are pictures to document this day too! Catherine has stirred something in me that I love. She’s a shutterbug, and also she's someone that exposes me to new things that I end up using like Google SMS and Adobe Illustrator. We teach each other, and we learn from one another. It's fantastic. I guess you could say she's my muse.

I started out the day printing out the HighPoint manual for the team and getting prepped by doing some last minute changes to the website. Catherine brought me an orange muffin which it was my first time trying. I love that she did that for me, and always considers if I'm hungry. She's so kind. The ALBA ladies wore their ALBA shirts. Rhinestones and tie dye included. Haha! I adore that they are so thorough about these engagements. They've really set the bar on how it should be, and I've gained a glimpse on what kind of organization I would like to be a part of when I have time. They all seem so wonderful and GOOD. Such big hearts. We showcased our website pages and the manual.

The ladies then stepped in to give us gifts. This was so cute. I nearly lost it. 2 Cookbooks, a Best Buy gift card, a resale shop coupon personalized with our team name, and a personalized ALBA card signed by all 3 of the ladies.

After Monday's meeting, that's a wrap. :) Although Monday's meeting is at 10AM! - No matter. I'll appreciate the sleeping in on subsequent Monday mornings.

These ladies have taught me a lot. Doing things the right way. This is what true care and concern for an organization looks like. It's beautiful.

I lead the discussion in my management class. It was a good pep talk in how to not be in a position of being outsourced. So no more leading the discussions! I can focus on the exams, articles, and the management interview. :)

I got a call from Cathy from the retail firm for a 2nd on-site interview. It'll be my 2nd on-site interview, with the internal audit firm being the first next week. I'm really excited. It's a long day event! And it's perfect since PM meetings aren't in the morning anymore. This event will be.

Also, my supervisor sent an email asking if my Friday was available. She beat me to contacting her. I should have been the one. But it's done with. I will focus on the outcome. I hope it's positive. Anticipation won't make me say crazy things, no it won't! :)

But it's on my mind.

Today's been full of lots of surprises and anticipation.

Catherine studied with me at the library for a few hours. I got a lot of reading done on ASP and I understand Recordsets, the Connection object, and QueryStrings a lot more. :) I feel like I'm on track to being okay by the exam.

I broke the monotony by driving to get Wendy's in the middle of the day. I also broke the monotony by having a scavenger hunt right in front of Taub in the Quads courtyard when I found Tim's notes he was supposed to give me in a bush, where he left it for me. Haha!! He said he wasn't available but he left it there. I could not believe I was on a hunt to find a piece of paper in the brush, but I did. And I felt like I just completed a scavenger hunt. Epic. I saw Zabdiel and Elizabeth at school, and in my INTB class, I did Tic-Tac-Toe with Adnan. When was the last time I did that? It made me feel like I was back in high school. I talked with Sanjay, Rolla, and Mario after and I broke the news about Williams to them. I feel okay about it today. It really does get better. ^_^ I'm ALIVE, that's a miracle in itself. No one can bring me down!

Tomorrow's an early morning: another Interview!

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