Sunday, October 10, 2010

Breaking Bad.

Such a great show. Premise is simple. A grade school chemistry teacher with a wife and child, and child on the way, discovers he has lung cancer. Not wanting to leave his family in a mountain of debt, he puts his skills to use and starts cooking up crystal meth.

Not completely in line with my values, but the reason why people can sympathize with Walt's character so well is because he's been a repressed character for most of his life, and this crisis allows him to open up and take a risk.

While taking a risk, he takes many, he becomes free, and happy, despite his terminal illness.

I thought about the name of the show 'breaking bad'. What is it to 'break bad'? It's to turn loose, to let go, to be yourself and to be raw and honest.

Everyone needs to break bad once in a while.

I can't remember the last time I broke bad. This needs to change. With school going on, this shouldn't be an excuse to not break bad. I realize I'm going to miss the socialization that comes with college life, so I need to take action now, and find something that will get my adrenaline pumping.

I'll keep this point updated. :)

Lastly, on the topic of Crystal Meth; the topic fascinates me. I've looked at photos of people who have been on crystal meth for as little as 3 months, and their teeth are eroded and their skin looks aged a good 10 years. It's insane. Your mind is a powerful thing, but when an agent works on your body and convinces you of its necessity, that's scary. Also, a fascination of the show is the fact that it's synthetic and can be concocted (although not realistically in your home due to the fumes and how hard it is to conceal). And the description of the 'cooking' as an artform. The more clear, the purer it is. There's a sense of beauty to it. But as always, do not judge a book by its cover.

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