Monday, October 11, 2010


Today was just noteworthy in a lot of ways. I felt on top of things.

*I volunteered to do our PM Presentation this week. Also, I helped fix the Gantt chart, took on Catherine's About Us page, embedded the YouTube video for my page, completed the SEO metatagging for my 4 pages, and overall just glued the project together in this time of chaos for a lot of my group member's. Poor Catherine is overwhelmed by her classes and Felicia is sick. I felt good to chip in what I could, since I can handle it right now. In 2 weeks, I won't be able to give this amount of time. So my plan to frontload my efforts ought to be great. :)

*Had time to take a drive to the library to drop off my book. It was fun, and driving in the deep recess of the parking garage felt like an adventure. I spoke to a much older gentleman who was fun to talk to since he's what I picture in mind of a fun-loving grandfather who has managed to retain his youthful vibrance. It gave me a lot of hope. Everyone I talked to at the library was very nice. It's such a great place.

*Had a brief conversation with my best friend. We laughed for a good 15 minutes about the Montgomery Flea Market video. :) I've been texting him long strings of really funny occurrences or thoughts in my head. It really makes me grateful to know that he and I have the same humor. What would I do without him?

*Found a great site that streams Mad Men! So I watched an episode and it made me very happy since it was a good one. Season 3 Episode 1 - check. I felt as if I hadn't watched the show in ages. It was good to return to.

*My mood today has been great. I paid attention in TP2, I chatted it up with my peers, I talked to friend afterwards, I ran into my favorite person, Sa, and I had a nice detour with Javier and Fabiola before I finally walked home to rest.

*Progress: I made a lot of progress on my check list. Finally uploaded my Lady Gaga photos, started reading my book on Visual Basic, looked over my project management review, and sent out a few recruiting emails. There's lots more to do, but after being sick and having it affect my productivity, I feel SO MUCH BETTER. IT'S A GREAT DAY TO BE ALIVE!!!

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