Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Change Management.

Today was another "Full Out" day. :)

I read up on Change Management in my book and did my research for the project management presentation.

While my group worked on HighPoint, I was glad that I was already done and started writing out my speech for the PowerPoint voiceover I had to do.

I put my headphones on at around 2:45 when time was getting tight, and cranked out some good speech material until 3:15, while listening to the fantastic Social Network soundtrack. Oh my goodness. I thought to myself, if Mark Zuckerberg can crank out a social networking site that could change the world in a fortnight, I can use some deep focus to finish this on time.

So I did. And Catherine complimented my ability to quickly learn her computer functions and start recording while she stepped out to use the bathroom. :)

I went to TP2, and actually followed along again. This makes me happy.

I had time to actually catch my breath this night. Sometimes you need time to just breathe. Inhale. Exhale. ^_^

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