Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Interview 4. Mock Style.

I had a mock interview today with the software company I interviewed with for the first time this year.

He told me I was the best of the day, despite that there were only 8, of course it was an ego boost. He did something unorthodox which was offer me a tour and a chance to meet the VP of the consulting arm of the firm, to get an internship in the Spring. It all sounds wonderful.

This was a different interview than most. It wasn't behavioral, it was more long-term oriented, so it definitely gave me a stretch, which I appreciated.

*Why did you choose this company to interview with?
*What would you say are your greatest strengths? - I mentioned I am the glue, and I bring everyone together while catching blind spots.
*He asked how do you counter the micromanaging tendency with that? I told them, my team has my trust. It is only when it goes awry, that it becomes a problem that I'm willing to be a part of fixing.
*Why consulting?
*What are your long-term goals in consulting?
*Describe your role as Support Analyst.
*What is your favorite class in college? I really think I nailed down my passion and enthusiasm with this one.

It made my day.

*Talking with my best friend about what's been going on with her has been good as well. Her grandmother is very very ill, and it makes me sad to see her concerned about her mother. We got to catch up on everything: boys, career goals, social life, academics, and the balance of it all.
*My Tuesday class, Management, is by far the most entertaining class I have. DeFrank is so amusing and brilliant.
*No photoshooting today, but I will definitely allow my buddy some time to mourn the loss of his grandfather. Seems like a time of illness and loss for a lot of people, but I hope to be strong for them despite it.
*My dad called me and talked to me. I was very calm and patient with him, which is what he appeals to. He could tell I was sick, and told me to get medicine and sleep (in his angry voice), which I know means he loves me. :) I'll go home this weekend to spend time with them and my relatives.
*Drifting Away is such a BEAUTIFUL trance song. <3<3<3

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