Saturday, October 16, 2010


Today was definitely a great day! Every day is. It's a bit redundant to say so, but worth it anyway. :)

I finally saw the Social Network and I really liked it. I felt like it was a very compelling portrait of story where a social phenomenon occurred overnight. What stood out most to me were the concepts of loyalty. I feel very loyal to the friends I have, and this movie brought up issues of business mixing with friendships. I think the character of Mark Zuckerberg chose the business first but I think it suited his values. As I begin to learn more and more about my boundaries, I feel strongly about achieving results the right way. Sometimes there is no right way, so you choose the best path you can. This was a great use of my time and I felt that the cinematography and definitely the score was amazing.

I spent time with my best friend. We laughed and caught up even more as we went to the movies to see the Social Network. Beforehand, we ate at Boston's, a new chain that originated in Canada and took over the Bennigan's at AMC24. It was fun to try a new place. We made fun small talk with the server and it was wonderful to sit outside on a Saturday afternoon on the patio, wearing my sunglasses, drinking a cold Blue Moon, chatting with my best friend and doing a crossword puzzle on the coaster. These are just things I appreciate so much. It makes me happy to do them.

I feel a lot more caught up with my to-do list. My blogs are up to date (hooray!), I went home for the weekend, I did my INTB homework, organized my management notes, have a game plan for the upcoming week, sent out the meeting minutes for our penultimate client meeting, and feel really on top of my life right now.

Even in the regards where I haven't been keeping up, such as reconnecting with my Chevron buddies, I have a game plan for reconnecting finally. I'm sure they will understand once I explain.

And lastly, I feel centered because even though I was politely rejected by a company I interviewed with, I am learning to forgive myself. I ask myself, in 5 years, will this matter? The answer is a resounding no! :) I can't think about the what's and the why's, even though I have a pretty good idea. I'll send thank you emails to everyone I interacted with throughout the process and take what I learned and prevent the mistakes I made. Time to move forward to Sunday. :)

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