Friday, October 8, 2010

Productivity Central.

Today was the day I went through a battery of interviews, and managed to do my create, insert, delete, and update programs in TP2.

First up, was an internal audit firm.

I read up on all I could, and arrived right on time. I put my purse in a snazzy locker, and proceeded to talk to Casey Jo for about 10 minutes. She just gave an overview on the culture, talked about travel, and warmed us up before she gave us away to our first interviewer. I started off with Justin, and it was all behavioral. I had a great time talking with him. The questions were about a challenge I faced (Hunger Banquet organization and tactical planning), getting others to agree with an idea (getting restaurant owners to adopt the Tap Project), having to deal with a difficult situation (doing a demo of my mock-up site), and more. I remember mentioning to him that I built a server at home, and worked on SharePoint, so I could rock and roll by Monday morning. :) 30 minutes later, I sat with Samir, and the first couple of questions were about me. I don't quite recall the contents, but it switched over to what I wanted to know about the company. I firmly feel like the purpose of the first was to find out if I would be professionally able to work in the company, and the second interview was to find out whether they felt I was a good fit, based on the quality of questions, and how I interacted. I asked him how change management lived in an auditing environment. I asked how meetings ran. I asked how travel was. I asked the learning opportunities. And I have a really great feeling about the company and what I learned.

I automatically switched gears, and got ready for my heavy construction software company interviews. There was a 45 minute logic test, that was pretty simple. Then I interviewed with an HR personnel, and 2 tech service analysts. The questions were the same in some cases, and I felt fatigued, especially after waiting for 20 minutes sometimes, between interviews and saying the same things.

It was a grueling 3 and a half hours. But definitely, a wonderful learning experience because I know in my life, there will never be a time where recruiters are lined up to meet you. So I must take advantage of this opportunity.

HR interview - I mentioned my mock interviewer and the consulting opportunity he mentioned. She shut that idea down by saying it wasn't going to be recruited for until next year at least. So we proceeded down the path she was paving. She asked about the salary I wanted, and I deferred that question for later. That caught me off guard. She asked about a challenge, how I dealt with a difficult customer situation (UNICEF members who want to volunteer abroad, and steering them towards understanding fundraising at home is just as important), asked if we volunteered with children, what my favorite class is, told her about Chevron, and more.

Tech Services 1 - This guy was an absolute pleasure to talk with and be interviewed by. He was funny, and he and I were on the same wavelength when I explained things. I talked about my favorite class, and I mentioned TP2, and how I get to be a nerd, and he wrote a note down. :) I talked about Chevron, and UNICEF, and he asked what I get excited by besides academic things. I said, photography, and I pointed to the picture on the wall as an example. I mentioned that the artist decides the depth of field and what's in focus, so that distractions are removed. I thought capturing this moment in time in photography, is so fun.

Tech Services 2 - I couldn't read him, and for some of the same exact questions, I responded similarly, yet his reaction was one of non-reaction. He was expressionless. And at one point, he looked unfulfilled, so I asked if I should clarify an answer and he said I sort of answered the question but we should move on. At the end, he also asked what I got excited about besides technology. I also mentioned photography, and he only asked me what camera I have. I just didn't think we clicked as well as we could have. We also ended 20 minutes later, when I mentioned I had an appointment at 4:30, and let him know it takes 30 minutes to arrive back to my home.

After these interviews, I was beat. But I trudged through and buddied up at Bauer to work on my TP2 programs. I ended up finishing them all, and it was the best thing ever to take a break and eat somewhere new: Tacos Del Julio (WONDERFUL PLACE! It gets my best recommendations). The place was a place I normally wouldn't venture to, but I sincerely appreciated the change of scenery. There were singers that did covers of old spanish music, the place was well decorated and classy, there was great arroz and tacos (a little bit too greasy but that's the only downside), and wonderful horchata! I felt so happy. Also, there's something about driving on 45 at night with the windows down and the wind blowing in your hair. :) Very reminiscent of Nocturnal Fest or driving in Lee's convertible.

:) I ended the night at around 11, when my friend and I watched funny Youtube videos and I was taken home.

GOOD DAY. I want to leave this semester feeling SO confident with interviews and comfortable doing my ASP programs, it's scary. ^_^

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