Thursday, October 7, 2010

Moody Towers.

An arduous day. Or rather, a day filled with many opportunities to grow!

Still getting over my sickness.

Had an exam at 2:30 for Economics of Globalization and had no idea how the format would be. Sure she spoon feeds us, but you can never be too sure. The first exam always sets the tone.

I went to Management, my favorite class. We learned about Sexual Harassment and the EEOC. Very interesting lecture.

The INTB exam went well. I ended up getting a 92, which I am very pleased about. :D

I ate at the new Moody Towers!!!! This was the highlight of my day. So I got caught up with my friend Sanjay, and he accompanied me first to Chili's, but that was closed by 3pm. So I tried the buffet at the Towers. It was WONDERFUL. I'm talking unlimited food, that's prepared fresh, all for about $7.50. :D I had a burger, 2 stuffed bell peppers, a salad, and a powerade drink. I was very very happy. Even more than the beautiful high ceilings, the new decor, and just the feel of it all, was the early 2000's music playing. I knew all of the songs, and it wasn't too old where I felt outdated, and not new enough where I felt like I was listening to the radio. It was perfect in every way. :)

One of my new favorite places. I felt relaxed, now. After this hectic week.

I went to the Shell meeting with an open mind. It turns out they are done with their Fall recruiting. I shall have to catch them in the Spring.

I had a fun time just chatting with people. Getting out there, even if there's no purpose, just because you have to leave yourself some time to let opportunities happen. :)

Good night moon. Lots of interviews tomorrow!

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