Monday, November 8, 2010

Black Hole.

March 2011 -

I'm here at Black Hole with Viv and Melinda, while a triptych of Lindsay Lohan's face stares down at me. :P I'm having such a good time, even though I'm studying. This is such a nice studying environment.

The lights are at the right brightness; there is ample space around me; the bathrooms are interesting (pennies on the ground for tiles!); the chairs are ever so comfortable; people-watching here is such a treat (guys are mighty good-looking); I have been so productive with my studying (Chapter 5 down, only Chapter 6 to go!); the artwork and ambience is perfect.

I love this place.

It blows Starbucks, Teahouse, or any other place I've studied out of the water. :)

The people here, their conversations are interesting and actually meaningful. I feel like everyone here is staged and acting because it's rare to see everyone look like they are fully engaged somewhere. It's pretty picture-perfect.

This place is also awesome because they sell food and wine/beer. :)

Viv and I ordered a glass of red/white wine. The Chardonnay was delicious. Especially with butter pretzels... yum... the crispness and slight butterness from the oak aging complemented it nicely.

I'm very happy to be a senior. As I talked to Omar last night at the Hunger Banquet, he told me he misses being a student and the freedom you have. I am so grateful for these nights. :)

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