Tuesday, November 9, 2010

TV on the Radio.

There's such a powerful scene to Breaking Bad where Walt stops what he's doing in the checkout line, and puts the paint cans down at an empty counter.

He walks with a slow but even gait out of the hardware store. He comes across two gentlemen that point to him and speak about him with not just a mere hint, but a slap, of accusation. He stops in front of the larger of the two gentlemen, who happens to be the most confident individual.

This individual, not knowing Walt's background, circumstances, or upbringing, is only left to judge the threat of, "Stay out of my territory", as serious as his body language. Similar to peacock feather showcasing or territorial fights, Walt shows off his most ruthless but genuine swagger that only real confidence can convey and has the two men hightailing it out of there.

The song that is backup to the scene is by TV on the Radio - DLZ.

There's just something very 'Fight Club' about it, but also something very sure and the melody is ostensibly upbeat and confident, it covers up an intensity and aggression that most people can't help but be attracted to.

We all have moments like this. Outlet it in music. Some form of creative expression. We can all break bad. Without explosions, crystal meth, or breaking families.

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