Monday, November 29, 2010

Bucket List.

As I was chastised for referring to my list of things to do before I start full-time work next summer as a bucket list, I thought to myself, wow, some people will diminish the value of a day? The value of a minute? The value of a second? Life is so precious, and it keeps me grounded to live my life to the fullest, even if it requires using a list.

Here it is thus far, my Bucket List - Pre-August 2011:
*Horse back riding
*Go to the Orange Show (complete)
*Take a hip-hop class
*Take photos of construction shapes
*finish my website (complete)
*Bootsie's Cafe (1/15/11 - complete)
*Menu of Menu's
*Build a shelf - some kind of handiwork
*Pay a meal for Jayvin (complete)
*Eventually watch Glee
*Watch the Walking Dead
*Taking photos of Barnaby's paintings (complete)

I'm excited that I'll begin work as an IT project management professional. But I'm actually ... REALLY REALLY excited at the things I'll get to wrap up before I start work. I'll end my collegiate chapter with a bang, and get to travel, have a photography portfolio I'll be able to say I'm really proud of (complete with a lot of techniques I'll be able to try out by then), take dance classes, read books I meant to, watch TV shows I meant to, and overall - do the things I haven't had time to do - but WILL.

I'm blocking out time. Even though I'm working next semester, all will be okay, because for those 3 months from June-August, I'll have nothing on my agenda. That is what keeps me extra-motivated. :)


  1. what?! now you want to go cliff jumping?!
    I didn't know I could comment lol

    I'm already running out of things to do at work lol but not having to study is great cuz I'm catching up on youuu

  2. LOL - yes, you changed my mind about cliff jumping. I thought about it a lot and I was like, it doesn't sound so bad.