Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Places. New Faces.

Today, I got up and nearly finished Rich Dad, Poor Dad. :)

I went to TP2, and talked to my best friend right as it began and got a bit of clarity on what it is I actually want with my apartment situation, moving forward. We also laughed a lot, talking about the Human Centipede. Hahaha.

After class, a friend invited me to go eat with him and his buddy. We were about to go to Tacos del Julio, like last time, but instead were diverted to Sawyer Park. It was a great idea because I had never been there but had heard a lot about it. :) It was really fun to speak my mind about topics like relationships and to get into the minds of these boys and the justifications they make for their actions. Of course it's not my intent to psychoanalyze them, so I usually just observe and comment when I find their views incongruous with something they have said prior. Relationships are a fascinating topic for me, always. We had wings and seasoned fries, and it was just one of those... experiences I never wanted to end. Good food, good friends, good atmosphere, great music, and a beautiful view. I had a really good time basking in the perfect chilled weather on the upstairs patio. I could see downtown's majestic buildings illuminated in the background, and the circular bar was really swanky and the bottles were backlit so it was the only source of light on the patio. We talked for two hours... full of laughs... and I felt absolutely free. I'm very proud of myself also, for finally taking action to reach out to someone I have a crush on. He gave me his number ages ago and I have been meaning to invite him to go have a drink and show him around town, like he mentioned when he gave me his number. Here's the kicker. After my bold move to reach out, he responded but.... he shall be in London until January! I must wait. :) So the lesson here is, if I had immediately reached out, this amount of waiting would not be happening. So, Take Action Now!!!

As I was dropped off, I got another call from a friend. He invited me to go to Wild West to go two-stepping. I had never been, although I've been invited numerous times to go. I put my boots and mini-skirt on, and went with it. One thing I highly like about myself is my willingness to get out of my comfort zone and learn all sorts of things. :) I think about Madonna. She can probably feel comfortable in any situation you throw her in. I feel the same way.

Throw me here.
Throw me there.
I'll be okay any where.

So we get there, and I have some liquid courage in me, and I learned so much. Sure, toes were stepped on, and chemistry between people didn't seem to strike at times. But chemistry did strike with others, and I know that I'm getting better. There was a nice blend of country music and... hip hop. :) I'm proud of myself for putting myself out there. Afterward, we went to Ruchi's, and I had never been there before either. Today was just filled with going to places I have never been. Additionally, it was nice to be driven, so I could take in the sights while we drove. I met a lot of people tonight, and it was so neat to watch people dance. Dancing is unique for each person so I feel like I saw something as special as someone's handwriting or smile.


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