Thursday, November 11, 2010


It feels like a god-given rebirth.

There's just something so LIBERATING when you dance your heart out, and it's been a long while since I've done that. I've been contacting a few of my friends for Hip Hop studios they recommend. I have been browsing websites all night of Houston-area hip hop dance studios, and I've been SO INSPIRED just watching some of the choreography and seeing some pretty sick moves. I danced my heart out for like 2 hours. I felt SO GOOD, and I know it'll only intensified when I'll be dancing with people, doing the same routine, and improving my technique. I Can Not Wait. I'm so excited for this. $10 per class is so worth it.

Today was just so excellent.

DeFrank's class was hilarious once again. It always makes me laugh the entire time. The topic was on communication and one major subtopic was nonverbal communication. DeFrank is a fantastic actor, so it was great at the performance he gave up there on his 'stage'. :)

Catherine and I had our walking time, which always makes my day. In INTB, we listened to Peter Thomas, founder of Century 21, and he was very inspiring and charismatic.

At home, I finally started to build my music library again, and I'm so happy. I'm making use of the THIRTY GIGS of space I have on my phone. :D And I'm getting reconnected with music, after years of finding new music only on the radio and youtube, and having to listen to it manually by searching and pressing replay. This is so liberating. I also swept my floors and did my first load of laundry. :)

There's just been so many things to be grateful for as of late.

*Putting a smile on my friend's face for delivering a piece of my aunt's cake.

*Applying for graduation. Having a schedule I can be proud of.

*Having a family get together this past weekend, where all the food was superb, and having my own cake too!

*Seeing my step parents and eating dinner with them, finally! It's been many months I haven't seen them.

*Finally getting my test results from the health clinic from January. I'm A-OK! What a relief.

I made a vision board of the things I want. All of my major goals aren't on it, but a few of them are: My blogs, TP2, Hip Hop class, Fitness (although I suppose, hip hop can substitute, since it's quite a work out). I need to add Financial Literacy and my job hunt for the Spring.

Good day. And good night. :)

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