Sunday, December 19, 2010

After the Flame.

I have noticed a trend with my past flames. After the flame has doused, we may intermittently keep in touch, but really, they all falter and fade away from my life.

When my high school friend and I parted ways at the end of October, there was a cordial invitation at seeing another 'soon.' Ah, the word soon. It indicates longing, without the commitment.

Then a phone call came. To my surprise, I had a really nice conversation and we made plans to meet at Sawyer Park. Could it be? Someone that could be a friend after the flame?

He told me about the commercial he and friends made and his plans for a Zombie movie. I, lover of zombie films and TV shows, had to give my seal of approval, and after he took me through many of the nuances of the plot and 10 minute intro of the film, I have to say, it's pretty good.

He said something that touched my heart and gave me a lot of sincere hope. He spoke about seeing some of our old high school peers at a restaurant. He said that he could've done a quick awkward hello and goodbye, and say the obligatory courteous things. But he said, that he really focused on having a sincere conversation to ask what they were up to. He spoke about really honing in and LISTENING. He came to find that when he does this, he got to see these two beautiful girls and experienced something meaningful. My heart just warmed up. It's amazing when I experience someone else having the same realization that I do, and describe it in such a way that's more beautiful than I previously did in my head.

He asked me point blank about my past relationships and I found it to be humorous timing since the last time we met, I couldn't get past one statement of generalization. Now, he was making time for my whole monologue. :)

It's been a while since someone asked or I openly divulged about that. I sincerely don't think the past should be a topic of conversation for its own end, but people seem to like this kind of thing to figure out who a person is. To each their own. It was really refreshing to laugh and share these things with him though. Especially my blog story and explaining the kinds of characters that have been paired with me.

We both agreed it was for the best of things to leave things as they were left in Austin, Texas. I have hope in our friendship, since we both stuck to our word as I dropped him off at his car. Maybe he will be someone that stays on the path along my journey, even after the flame?

Whatever it may be, I am really appreciative at the honest attempt we made that night to remain friends.

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